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130- MSSS Ping Pong 2011.


It was an memorable and wonderful experience for me .
Not only I get to know new friends and new things in this competition, 
I've also gained friendship and lots of happy memories.

I can smell confidence by looking at her.

She won Gold medal in her singles under 15 category.

Oh my ! She is terribly cute!

Her name is Joybe but people used to call her Apple because , she lookS like apple. I mean her face. so chubby.
Under 18 girls.

Left , Yau Chong ; Right, Kien Ee.

Both of them play very well.
Champion goes to Kien Ee every year because he has committed most of his secondary life training table tennis,therefore, Gold medal inevitably belongs to him.
Petaling Perdana won 2 Gold medal, one Silver and 2 Bronze medal. 
Am so proud of my team! 


Hope to see them again next year!

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