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129 - Road Run.

It's an annual function in my school, I mean, every school.
I aim high, achieve high. 
I wanted to remain my position as the 1st place but I failed.

Recently, I feel like athletics has consume part of my life.
I've been so busy taking part in several competitions and I'm happy with it.

Today wasn't bad after all, though I did not get 1st in my category.
During my whole journey racing, I was kinda nervous, my heart palpitated so hard before the race.
I knew I can do it! So I did my best.
At first , there were many people in front of me, running like there's no tomorrow, but slowly, I passed by them one by one. . . 
 I was gasping for air throughout the whole journey . . . I was undergoing oxygen debt.
Heh... After running for about 15 minutes, fatigue kicks in and I have to start concentrating. My competitors were still trying so hard to catch after me, but consciously I was undaunted by any biological restraints. No doubt, I was tired and lethargic. Extremely.

' I can do it! I am strong' I mumbled to myself.
I can feel the heat circulating in my body. The last few hundreds metres feel like death. Time slows down to a millisecond. One step followed by another. Hastily I walked up to the oh-not-so steep hill and I smelt victory. 
You know what? The most challenging task was to accelerate your speed while your whole hamstring was aching and the friction between your feet and shoe was like gonna start off a fire real soon, but you still have to carry on the race. 
I knew I'd certainly rank among top-10 and that's enough.

It's the last year I'm in high school and I'm glad that I participated in this event. ^^
I'm gonna appear in the school magazine! *kekekekekeke*
Get no.3.

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