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123 - Penang Hawker Food.

My big family never fail to congregate together to celebrate this meaningful and happening Chinese New Year. We were longing for this festive throughout previous year and finally here comes CNY! 
My family, both dad and mom came from Penang. Hence, it explains why I am here to celebrate CNY.

Penang - A fantastic food heaven for all the epicurean. There are variety of hawker mushroomed in every corner of Penang. No matter where you go, there will always be nice food waiting for you to explore!

Mee Goreng Mamak
Tantalizing Indian Mee Goreng.
Situated at Bangkok Lane. A well-known Indian fried mee recommended by Ah xian . I've always get to travel to Penang but never get a chance to try this until I saw Taste with Jason in the telly.So,  here I am to prove that Jason was not lying. I had no idea to describe how delicious and palatable this particular mee goreng. It's ..ughh..* shake head *
It is slightly wet, not that spicy,  very flavorful, fragrant because of the special sweet sauce that he has added into the mee.

Mamma mia~
!!!*Thumbs up*!!!

Mee Rebus.

Other than mee goreng, Mee Rebus is also recommended . To those who prefer a not-so-heaty meal can opt for this. It is also from the same stall. A remarkably distinctive flavor from Jawa mee. Served with potato gravy and simply gratifying.

Jalan Burmah - Hainan Loh Mee. 

It is located at Hai Beng coffeeshop, at the Burmah Road/Jones Road T-junction.

Loh mee
The loh mee over here is rare in KL. You can hardly hunt for this typical gluey, tangy , thick soup made of tapioca flour, soy sauce, 5-spice powder, egg whites and many other secret ingredients! =]
Yum yum , don't be surprise if you feel very thirsty after having this. xP.

  Padang - Anson Road Food court.
Popiah.Rm 1.40 per piece.
NO! This is not an ordinary popiah! The secret ingredient is hidden inside the skin and the broth. 
This is a juicy ,tangy and succulent popiah I'd ever eaten in my life. 
The juice oozed out once I took a bite.They used prawn-base-soup as their broth and that makes it so addictive! *droooooooooools*

Ice Kacang.
Now this is what I called ice kacang. 
Double the amount of red bean  if you compare with KL's.
The not-so-usual fried flat noodles.
The slightly brownish and charcoal flavor is the key to make Penang's Fried Kuey Tiao a staple food in its own country.
Fried Kuey Tiao.
Fried oyster. Lots of oysters  as you can see! Penang hawker is generous! Indeed!

Fried oyster. RM8.
Where can you find this in KL ? You tell me...

Next, Passembur. 'Cheh hu'( in hokkien ).
Cucumber, zucchini , sengkuang , sotong with a generous amount of thick and sweet and spicy gravy. 
I just keep wanting for more!>.<

Lastly, their famous Yong Tau Foo.You can pick your own yong tau foo and they will toss it all into a bowl and serve you hot! =)
I think, fresh ingredient is the main reason which attracts the customers to come back for more.
Thin soup based plus fresh and quality concoction!
Yong Tau Foo.

Any comments? ^^

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  1. Yumsie the ice kacang looks sooo good

  2. Love the fried oysters, my favourite.

  3. i want penang food.. especially the chendol at penang road.. fried oysters are nice as well! :D

  4. im so gonna flag ur blog for overposting too much food pictures. *drooling* D:

  5. yan : you are told to do so....=P

  6. Yummy,looks so tasty.

  7. wow ur post makes me salivates!! lol

  8. haha! Tracey, it's my pleasure! ^^ x)


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