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115 - D'rich -King of Good Food.

 Sounds great! King of good food? Are you sure.....?
Not yet try, not yet know  ; Once you try, you won't say no.
Mushroomed at Bandar Puteri, beside Giant .
One thing that makes me walk into this restaurant is because of it's ambiance and also it's oh-so-gorgeous name, D'Rich.. It looks very inviting with yellow lights ( at night of course ) and they play soothing music all the time. =)
I've been here more than three times a week ever since  I stepped in and fell in love with this place. XP
They really serve good food and I like the environment .
D'Rich Coffee is a must for me every time. The aroma of coffee awaken my souls. The everything-just-nice of the coffee is my drug. Not too strong, not too light, not too sweet , but just nice. ^^

The addictive Coffee Ice.

Mutton Rice
 Their mutton is braised with dried chilli and ginger.
Slightly spicy gravy but it taste really nice!
Root Beer Float.
 Nothing much to say cause it is just an ordinary root beer with Vanilla Ice cream.

Chicken Rice.
Mutton soup in bowl.
 Another specialty at D'rich . Let's start form the bun first.This is not a simple bun as you can see. Their bun is so fresh, so chewy and starchy! One bite follow by another bite, you can really get addicted!

Wholemeal Peanut butter toast.
 Ahhh!! Here comes my all time favorite! Thick Peanut butter toast. 
Toast to perfection! *Thumbs up*
Another thing I like about this toast is because D'rich used wholemeal  bread. =)
Fiber is added into my diet and I feel so healthy after having it. =P

Bon appetite!!

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  1. can't try D:
    but you have to bring me to all the places that your blogs has reviews on once i'm beside you kay? :D

  2. peanut butter toast looks the best here!!!!

  3. peanut butter toast looks the best here!!!!

  4. Curious bout the mutton rice.....

    does the rice... have a mutton taste? or isit plain rice?

  5. The branch in SS2 is really lousy, especially the food!

  6. Haven't been there before. -P

  7. Dental, their rice is nice! erm..not plain rice, but rice with some tangy shallot flavor..^^
    Hilda : this branch is at Bandar Puteri..

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  9. wow mutton soup O.o i wanna hav some>< looks awesome><

  10. KIng of good food ???? lol r u sure ??...hmmm the wholemean bread peanut butter toast look tasty....i should hav a try ~

  11. Everything is nice! should try it!! ^^


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