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99 - Pesto Pasta.


Out of the pink blue



 I have the mood to make a stupendous main dishes in this sunny afternoon.

Pesto Spaghetti. Mamma mia!
Wanna know how I made it?
First, I ground all the pistachios in a high power blender with some oil until it becomes a thick paste.Then I add herbs , lemon juice and a clove of garlic. 
It is as simple as ABC.

Just pistachio and a sprinkle of salt.
Half of lemon juice.
A clove of garlic.
Basil and Oregano.

Taadaa... into  the pan they go ! I've added a slice of cheese into it too,so that it gives a mild cheesy flavor.
Creme milk is also added into it to make it more milky and creamy..
Yum Yum~ ^^
*can't wait to try this* 

Stir in some creme to make it  more viscous and let it simmer for few minutes.
Meanwhile, i cut some leftovers bread and bake it , as another topping to complete my Pasta.

Toss in my spaghetti and mix it evenly. Hmm? I don't think it's complete yet..
Wait! I've forgotten my garnishing! hehe! ^^ *blush*
First time wad, what do you expect?
I went to my mini backyard garden and pluck some leaves for garnishing. 

Looks tempting? It looks elegant, tastes like heaven.
Naaah~ My oh-so-creamy Pesto Pasta were born~!
Applause to myself! I'm on my way to become a chef, a pretty chef, armed with my cooking utensils. xD

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  1. whoa looks delicious!! *drool*

  2. yum yum =)
    they are making me hungry lol

  3. Haha! thank kiew guys~!^^appreciate yr comment

  4. Vin Tsen, orite! Will blog out it ~! *winks*

  5. my god! the header makes me wanna stay longer in here. craving for food now!

  6. FOODIE POST! :D Yeyy!! Looks nice :D Wish I could taste it though *tummy grumbles*

  7. i love that foods!may u to cook them for me eunice??heee

  8. Haha! Ameru..carilah satu gadis yg cantik masak utk u ...=P

  9. delicious! :) thx 4 the recipe.. wud try it later..


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