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108 - Yut Kee Restaurant.

WARNING : Blog ini mengandungi perkara yang tidak Halal. Tq.

Yut Kee, one of the popular traditional Hainanese Kopitiam at Kuala Lumpur .
'Yuk Kee Restaurant' located at Jalan Dang Wangi ( formerly this road name CAMPBELL Road) Kuala Lumpur. In business since 1920',currently managed by the 2nd generation. 

Beside famous of Hainanese breakfasts coffee, tea, toasted bread with half boiled eggs, Western cuisine such as Chicken/Pork Chop/Lamb Chop, Lam Mee etc are also recommended. There are two famous signature foods that most of the patrons come for-----------------"Roti Babi' ( Pork Bun) & Marble Butter Cake.

The restaurant is old but still look new.

The owner's portrait.

Something that doesn't belongs to this modern 21st century.

Old customers , old people....

Coffee O, Horlicks, Teh ais
Pork stuffed Bread and pan fried with egg batter.

Shredded pork with caramelized onion which taste so so good! =D
Hainanese Pork Chop served with special gravy.

Beef noodle.
 You can get to taste so many different kind of parts in just one bowl of noodles. Beef tendon (abudantly), beef stomach, beef belly, beef meat, beef intestine...You wouldn't believe what i've said until you get here on your own.

lame Lamb chop with Hainanese gravy.

Fried glass noodle which is also quite delicious.

Yut Kee famous Marble Butter cake.
 Tons of people came all the way here , queue for half an hour just to buy their famous Butter cake. Oh the buttery flavor makes me hungry now...=S

Sinful meal.

Eat first, think later.
All that are eatable, non were left.
This restaurant opens daily , except for Monday.
Time : 8am - 5pm
Address : Jalan Dang Wangi , 50100 KL.

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  1. I grow up at the shophouse there! The boss loves to make fun of my whenever i go there. Miss the food there. Thanks for bringing back my memories =)

  2. oh! you are most welcome sim yee^^ Be happy while reading my bloggie^^

  3. wow, you make me drooling! I havent had my dinner yet...

  4. I like marble cake and this is the first time I see roti babi, cool :D

  5. wah...drooling over the sight of food!

  6. What's that thing u called sinful? looks like Ham one? Looks interesting.

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  7. Chuckie : I dono whts that thing called er ..hehe.. Yeah.. like ham lo...=P looks nice too!


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