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106 - Simple Egg on Toast.

Eunice's Sunshine egg on toast.
It is simple, easy to make,crispy, runny yolk and fresh from the oven. 

All you need is bread, egg and cheese.

1) Cut a round or square shape of one slice of bread
2) Put a slice of cheese and place the bread on top.
3)Separate the egg white and yolks.
4) Pour the egg white slowly into it and see whether it is leaking or not.

Put it into preheated oven and bake for 5 minutes at 170 degree celsius until the egg white is slightly cooked.
Now, put in your yolk gently in the middle of your egg white and bake for another 3 minutes.

Taaaa-daaaaa~!! There you go! Healthy sunshine egg on toast is done!

Now what cha waiting for? Make your own self and eat la! ! ! !
My hungry brother.

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  1. whoa! so creative la! i think you are the first to think of that :D

  2. i make this b4.... its so easy and beautiful..

  3. Peexie : Haha... thanks!! *winks*
    Souless : Oh? Yes! agree with yr statement^^
    Ken : Thankiew very much!^^

  4. HO CHAK!!!!!! I shall call u Eun Eun next time. Sounds cute hahahaha!!

  5. Creative and smart to make the egg stay round in shape! LOL
    I learnt a new thing LOL

  6. At the last picture why the egg yolk on the bread so red 1???

  7. HAHAH!!Lynnie : that's chilli sauce dear...=P
    Adrian : You are welcome
    Qi wen : *I help you wipe yr saliva* ^^
    Shah : Call Mcd...=P


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