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105 -My Passion, Confession and Obsession.

My passion certainly relate with food.
I got one confession , I'll sneak to someone elses kitchen to look for food, surreptitiously.
Obsession : Food.
Obsession again : I love taking picture of food. All nice food . =P

I couldn't find anything else that can make me happy like how I capture my food.

Sushi Zanmai.

Oh-so-refreshing snow ice.

Petite Ice cream.

Delectable Matcha Snow Ice.

Pretty pinky Strawberry snow ice.

Pesto Pasta.
Do you have your passion, confession and obsession to share?^_^

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  1. eh, the first one at yr banner is nice, the once with blueberry and straberry.. wht is tht called? sure wanna try it. btw, how does pesto pasta tasted like? nv tried pasta in white. always red.

  2. Chuckie, thx o... i edit myself de.. it's call 'Parfeit'. ^^ You have to try it if got chance..really nice..^^ And pesto pasta taste very creamy, strong cheesy flavor and taste superb!!! xD i made it myself..all by myself...=D


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