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104 - Biscotti for Christmas.

Bisscotti - In Italian , means twice bake.
It defined oven baked goods that wee baked twice, so they were very dry and could be stored for long periods of time. It is hard, crunchy and remarkably edible.
Being very dry, biscotti traditionally are served with a drink, into which they may be dunked. In Italy they are served typically with  vin santo.
In modern usage they more frequently accompany coffee, including cappuccinos and lattes, or black tea but for me, I prefer Horlicks. xP

Okay, skip all the introduction , I know you guys are only interested on how it look and how it taste.
There you go, before you get to hold , you see ; before you get to eat, you smell .

Macadamia Raisin Biscotti.

Since Christmas is approaching, I make up my mind to bake for someone special. =]
Here's the procedure :

Mix ingredients Do, Re, Mi.

Beat until it forms a sticky dough.

Place sticky dough on an oiled plastic sheet and wrap it into log shape. Chill for an hour.
First baked end product.

Slice it thinly.

Arrange nicely and bake second time.

Into the container they go and they can last for more than 3 months.
For me, I don't think the biscotti can stay for that long cause I only need a week to sweep it all down to my ..

It goes easily with ice cream.

Can be dunk into coffee.

Or just remain as an ordinary biscotti.
Biscotti is versatile, portable, non-fattening, low calories ,nutritious, delicious,and definitely fit to be eaten.
See, there are so many benefits when it comes to biscotti. I can list down as much as you want...=P

Biscotti, a suitable Christmas gift to all the one you love.

 Biscotti anyone?

ps : E-mail me if you want the recipe. =]
E-mail me before 23rd of December and you might get free sample. (With your address of course)
E-mail :

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  1. Hello. OMG. That looks so delicious. I wish I have a toaster or oven to cook such things.

  2. John : nobody ask u to eat NOW
    Tiff : Aloha! You can buy one...>.<
    Hilda : uiseh....need recipe?

  3. You like cooking and baking don't you?? Me too :D :D I love reading posts like this hehe~ Food looks good!!

  4. I want i want the recipe. LOL!! Wanna try it some day. =]

  5. Wow, so sweet! The one who receives the cake would definitely love it.

  6. omgawd. you're so pro larh! :D btw, I've tried ur pizza, YUMMMM! shall post about it soon heh

  7. Is the biscotti as sweet as you ?

  8. biscotti! wow, ur selling them? :O

  9. P2P : haha... em...i've reduce the sugar for health purpose...^^ but it taste as delicious as me!! =D
    Jemsen : Nope. not selling, but giving out as a Christmas gift. so, do email me yr adress if you want ^^

  10. Waaaa you are one heck of a talented young girl wei. Okay, next time innit gathering we'll invite you to bake something for us. :D

  11. i love to cook n bake cookies too!
    but i didnt make this b4~=D
    the cookies look nice!

  12. VinTsen : Feel free to ask me to bake...xD
    Snowman : it not only looks delicious, it is delicious!
    Xiu : You can try this...^^ email me for recipe if u want.

  13. looks like u can sell these! and earn some money :)


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