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103 - Ministry Of Food (MOF)

The Ministry Of Food , a.k.a MOF is now open at Sunway Pyramid!

I've been yearning for so long to try on this ! 
They have two outlets in Malaysia, and I'm so glad that it is located in KL area. 
They was first incorporated in Singapore in year 2006.
MOF, brings mass Japanese Culture cuisine in Singapore and Malaysia to greater heights with its aim to create a healthy , charming and wholesome dining experience, with emphasis no MSG, chemical,preservatives, artificial colorings but the fresh ingredients always.

Coupled with affordable pricing and a customers service team ready to serve with a smile, MOF has thus gained a following among diners of all ages who appreciate the quality and value of Japanese food.It serves a wide range of authentic and reasonably priced Japanese food and appetising desserts. With a warm and unique ambience and friendly service staff, My Izakaya offers all its guests a cosy place to relax and enjoy great food together with friends and family.

Here's the menu...

They served main course at affordable prices...

These sushi look so edible...

I thought spaghetti suppose to be an Italian dish? o.0?

They served wide range of desserts!!!

Hot and Cold desserts.

Regular size for regular people and mini size for someone like me! xD

Variety of toppings in one miniature bowl.

Myriad flavor of ice cream.

Assorted Matcha blend.

Multifarious Red Bean ice blend.

They served Gelato ice cream which is low in fat too! =D

Sesame Gelato and Strawberry Gelato, Rm 8.90 each.

So pink, like pink panther.. =D

So black, like obama black sheep....xP (SORRY! ran out of similarities)

Mixed jelly, mochi and fruits.

It doesn't look as big as this, it's just as small as your palm. Trust me. =] Rm7.90.

Their soft and creamy ice cream is so fragrant and rich!

It is quite and impressive restaurant for me as I found it kinda outstanding for their alluring menu and gastronomical environment. Though their prices are remarkably higher than the ordinary dessert , such as ice kacang, but they provide high quality delicacy. In a nutshell, I fully recommend to those who likes desserts.
MOF, the bestest place to go for someone who loves Green Tea and Red Bean like me.
Sushi, unagi , California Maki , etc etc can be found here too!=D

remember to bring more cash if you dine in.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Never heard abt this though, but I'll try someday (:

  3. Yeah! Vin Tsen! high five ^^
    Hilda : Hehe..u'll get addicted^^

  4. wow..shall try out this place soon!

  5. u really make me feel hungry k eunice...
    ~visit from innit~

  6. I don't have a sweet tooth :P heheh but this looks good!

  7. wah.. drooling.. hahaha.. maybe we can go try out this place

  8. Wow, another japaneses restaurant!

  9. lam : yes, all in one shop. Sunway Pyramid. =) MOF

  10. woww new restaurant in sp..teehee will try soon already XDXD looks like they serve quite a lot of vareity of food.XD but expensive XP

  11. So many nice food in KL...Jealous!

  12. wow... nice one...

  13. Chuckie : Penang also got heaven leh..=S im going back next week^^


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