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64 - Thoughts for you, my friend.

It's hard to mask your jealousy, it is described as ''the green-eyed monster'' (Proverbs 14:30)
Jealousy will rot your bones, strong words for a seemingly harmless sin but jealousy is a denial of all the good gifts in your life - a complete lack of appreciation to God.

Dear brothers and sisters, learn how to Thank God for what you do have.
Don't be a fashion victim, use fashion sense. Wear only what compliments your special figure.

Palsm 139: 13-16 says God formed you in your mother's womb in an amazing and wonderful way. Accept the shape and figure God gave you and work with it, accenting your best figures.
How great is our God. 

Don't forget to curve a smile whenever you are.
Remember, by doing this, you cheer other person up too. =]
World is filled with God's love, so don't be stingy, share it by spreading it . <3

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