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52 - Sydney- Day 5

 As usual, i had cereal with milk for my breakfast. My favorite Breakfast !

The weather at Sydney is slightly higher which is 12 - 14 degree celcius. We felt much more comfortable over there. =)

We commence on a Sydney city tour highlighting famous such as China town , The rocks area, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House.

First, we stopped at the Taronga Zoo. The zoo have rare animals which only could be found at Australia.
Such as Koala, Platytus (looked like a duck ), Wombats, Emus and many more which I couldn't remember.=P

We took a cable car ride , and get a close encounter with the lovable Koalas, Kangaroos, etc etc.
Koalas sleep all the time, i mean they sleep 23 hours a day. They are so lazy! Even lazier than a swine!
(-.-)'' The only hour they wake up is to eat and get some activities with the other gender of Koalas( you know...) =P
Kangaroos, I don't quite like it because they doesn't look cute to me at all.. ! >.<

After visiting all these animals, we proceed to the Fish Market. 
The finest fresh seafood you want is all within this fish market. Not like Manhattan Fish Market, they sell Fish which is not fresh because the fish were all imported. =P

I  will enlarge every picture just to let you see how fresh and tasty all this can  be...

Tonnes of oyster ( Oiishii )

Open the oyster on the spot to ensure freshness.

Lobster anyone? =D

Fresh Salmon which will very soon to be export to Malaysia and all over the world.

Is this picture capable enough to make you say ''WUUUUUAAAAAA'' ? =P


Enough with the raw seafood? Let's have some cooked one. Cheese baked Oyster.

Mouth-salivating? Carry on...

So many squid, so little stomach.....=(

As I can see, all foods are decent ...

The way they present their home-made yogurt. Really fascinate you , something keep stirring me up to taste them. Ugh... >.< 

Strawberries coated with Dark and White chocolate, they looked so eatable !!! 

Start munching our ambrosia...

OMG?! Why am I like displaying my big big round tummy??? >.<
owh no.. I really cannot accept it.. =P

I somehow think of Peter Chau when I see my bro wearing specs. =D 

The Opera House . It was always mom's dream to visit Opera House.
How great God is to fulfill her dream without any condition? 
My God, is , just, too beautiful to be describe. 

This is the masterpiece ~

I always glue myself at the sofa to watch Travel and Living, which themed Places Around The World.
I am so thankful that I got such chance to visit one of these places --The Opera House.

I am so lazy to elaborate more bout Opera House liao.. hehe. Paiseh.
Let the picture do its work.

Spot the yellow banana ! =D 

I am the only one with my hands inside the pocket, know why? Because my palms are freezing!!!! My hand is totally numb..

Spot me spot me!! => Fantastic four. =)

My smile was rather sweet huh? I like it~!! >.<

Free- style please~! =D wahhaha! am so happy ! Ollie got a very silly looked!! ( the most right hand side )

After so so so so so so much of photo session, we finally get to end our day and , prepare for tomorrow to arrive!! yay! ^^

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