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51 - Melbourne Day 4

 The famous Victoria Market, how could we let this chance fly? !
Though we should have been visit this place on the first day but as everyone here knows  the market open daily except on Mon, Wed and Public holiday, so we could only visit today, Thursday. 
The Queen Victoria Market is more than just Melbourne shopping Mecca, this 19h century market is also a historic landmark illustrating the variety of Melbourne culture though its village produce . It is the largest market in Australia and Southern Hemisphere.
You can find florist everywhere because Australian loves flower more than anything else. They can spent their only penny to buy flower rather than food . Peculiar but interesting. =)

The market over there are just like the supermarket without air-cond.
They got place which sell T-shirt, souvenir, fruits and vegetable. The market  was very immaculate. It was so clean , you cannot even find a fly  over there. The meat and fish department will definitely amaze  you too. No smell, no blood, odourless. 

Aloha... I am clad with 4 layers of jacket since I couldn't afford to buy one good winter jacket, and that's why i look so PLUMP! >.<
So, you can see, there are lots of local product that can be found at Victoria Market.
It also comes with a reasonable price. 5 dollar per T-shirt, 3 for 5 dollar key chain and so on. 

Does squash looks that shape? owh, that was my first time to know that squash really does shape like honey stars! =P
Can you see how they arrange the fruits? It really really impressed me a lot. Every single piece of apple and pears looked edible, I just can't wait to grab one of it and bite!!! >.< 
I am a food gluttony! haha!

Found this remarkably BIG strawberry! for only 2 dollar! (Rm 6 )
Worth it isn't it?
Fresh honey melon.
The city of Melbourne...

Trying all over the places to take photos.
The restaurant over there was quite empty all the time.. =P
Unlike our mamak.
After a long walk , we headed to a Claypot restaurant to have a warm meal.
The waitress and waiter over here was rather rude and unfriendly, and they are so calculative!
Know why? my little brother ordered hot tea which cost 3 dollar, (WTH, hot chinese tea also cost RM 9!!!)
Then he demand for some ice cube, the waitress then replied hastily  : Ice cube will be costing you one more dollar, is it ok? Then my dad say : yeah, definitely, we have money to pay for! 
Personally, I don't like to be calculative, as the same, i don't want people to be calculative to me, cause I know I'll be giving more than I received, if you are good to me, I will never take you for grated and I will for sure, return you more. Got it? =) That's what my father taught me.

Claypot Unagi Rice. 16 Dollar. ( Rm 45 )
Pork Rib Rice, 14 dollar ( Rm 45)

Curry lamb with rice. 14.50 dollar. ( approximately rm 45)
This, is , Lemon . Chicken . Rice. 15dollar.
It really pissed me off.
Why want to order such ordinary stuff to eat at Australia? My brother ar..
no matter where he goes, he always opt for Lemon Chicken. Geessh!!>.<

A proper meal at Australia really can cost a leg or an arm of us. =P

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