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50 - Melbourne Day 3

It's me sitting on the Puffing Bill Steam Train.
Embark on the Puffing Billy Steam Train ride, it is one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world.
It is old but it can still function well by using charcoal.

Us, with the captain. =)
Why my eyes ?! =@

A wonderful haze/mist behind me. =)

The mini chefs. *cheers*
The donkey and I.
Do we look alike? She is my mother but I don't think that we look alike .
But one thing i am sure, we both are happy! ^^

We formed a happy family ! So nice and loving huh?
This is a place where we had our buffet style lunch . This country restaurant is special because they got entertainment for their customers time to time..=)
It was great to dine over here. The restaurant named Cuckoo! I will never forget that because i want to bring my love ones here again! =)
So perky !! My bro Justin and I.

We got entertainment where people plays the piano and _________-.
Took a photo with this two deer before I leave. 

Next, we stop at a Lavender farm to have a great view of flowers.

I just love Lavender so much . Despite of it's fragrance , I love the color too. It look so elegant from far far away. It can easily ease my mood. Ahh....=]

After that, we stop at the Domaine Chandon winery, award winning wines Australian production house for wine-tasting ,and also we get to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this estate.

I saw a scene where i get to forget all the hustle and bustle of the city. 
The serene piece of art that God had created. Wonderful . <3

I love this pic so much!!!! Know why??
Spot something that three of us look alike.
Got it? No? Never mind. Let me tell you, that is... our face!!
Our face are round in shape! Ahh.. I got a myriad of friends. But I seriously couldn't find one whose face are round like mine, so , I am so glad that i finally found TWO! haha..=D
So epic....... love it.!

Inside the winery , ever-ready to taste the wine. =]

Those who are under 18 are strictly prohibit from taking wine. But I'm excluded. Why? because I doesn't look like i'm underage, just that simple. *evil laugh* =P
Those who are underage will be given apple sparkling juice instead of wine. ^^
They provided some Baguette and jam to goes with the wine. 
It was one of the very exotic thing i enjoyed so far. =)

My lovely kor and I . Wooo.. I am going to take the first sip. 
*mmmm* it taste good. ^^

No comment.

We looked like couple like? =D 
So nice ^^

My dad was so proud to have two potential model like my brother and I.
He said well done. =D
Nice and natural pose while thinking of someone we love. *amuse*

The extensive range of Alpaca can be found over here. It looks like a mini giraffe and a sheep .=P
Their fur was soft and smooth . It is very useful to produce different range of products. 

That goes my day 3 at Melbourne and I am looking forward to tomorrow. =D

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