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49 - Day 2 (Melbourne)

After breakfast, we visit to Australia largest shopping complex which is called the Chadstone Shopping Centre.
After that , we choose the local cuisine, Western food, burgers and fries for lunch. =)
Their fries taste abit different from the fries here due to its size. =)
love it anyway. ^^

   Their Wrap apparently was large and stuffed with lots of ingredients.
It gives you several layer of texture once you munch on it. Geeeesh! This was awesome! =D
After shopping, we went to the Warrook Cattle farm. 
We feed the cow, we have sheep shearing demonstration, try cow-milking and also sheep dog mustering.
Ewww.. This is Gruesome! HAHA! 
And there the pity sheep are... baring its white flesh... so cold...=S
After gaining all these general knowledge, we proceed to visit the kangaroos.

 Look~! Look ! Look at her expression!! Haha.. This is hilarious!
Mom asked me to take one photo of her feeding the kangaroos, but actually she doesn't like animals at all! No matter what kind of animals~ But she insist me to take a picture of her with Kangaroo and she smile so fake! HAHA

After that, we continue to Philip island with it's unspoiled beaches, breathtaking coastline. We ended our day with the famous penguin parade on the beach as the fairy penguin return from feeding at the sea wobbling their way back to their burrows. The extremely cold weather at Philip Island makes all of us couldn't focus and enjoy throughly. We are like freezing and shaking all the time. A cup of hot chocolate will make us feel relief. =P
Am so sorry because cameras are strictly prohibited at the parade, so we just try to capture every single moment while seeing the diminutive penguin. =)
My day 2 was freakin cold!!!!
Then we went back to our hotel and have a good rest.

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  1. hi. nice photos :D
    anyway, i just wanna if i know you? i saw you tagged me in your blog's buddy's list. we know each other?

  2. oh. Nope, but i know your boyfriend, meng yip , er, we played ping pong last year, and i get to know you on friendster, then i add you lo.. you have a nice blog too, so.. i tagged u lo..^^
    im so surprise that you found my blog, anyway, do you know tht nobody knows i own a blog except for u? =S

  3. I found you thru my blog. Hee hee. I can see who viewed my blog. Haha. Oh i see~ Meng Yip's friend. On friendster? I haven't log in to friendster for years! Nice meeting you anyway. Nice blog you have too :D Looks like you LOVE food huh? :D

    and erm, meng yip doesn't know me i think.. we just met for 2 days for that MSSD. =P
    I did not log in friendster for decades too..... haha.. i added your blog link 2 years ago and tht time friendster was still popular....=)
    That time i was form two , currently form 4. Er, anyway, are u aware that I'd added u in msn for more than one year too? I seldom find u to chat la.. but did u notice there's a person EUNICE LIM exist? haha=P


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