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48 - Australia Day 1 - Melbourne


Helloo ! Im flying to Australia very soon!
My tummy was grumbling while waiting for the flight.
At the airport, I saw this particular Uh-So-Edible Adzuki soup dessert, i wanted to try this , so why not pay a visit? =P

When it served, my reaction was *rolled eyes*
I am so disappointed with it. It was tasteless other than the sweetness given by the sugar syrup.
see, it was rather plain. *boo yah*

And we ordered this Ramen,Beef Tendon Ribs Ramen.
I am not a fan of any carbs but except for this. This Ramen was able to fascinate me to crave for more once i have a first taste of it. The springy texture of the noodles will never go wrong!Thus, sesame oil was used to enhance the flavor of the soup. I personally recommend this. *Thumbs up*

Never forget to have a snapshot of myself . <3


While boarding in plane...

Singapore airline's dinner menu was not bad after all.
They served :
Appetiser was potato salad with herbs
Main course was stewed lamb with rice
Dessert was passion fruit cheese cake.
They all taste well. Nice and tasty. But not extraordinary. =]

Ahhh.. It takes 5 hours from Singapore Changi airport to Melbourne - Australia.
I had nothing better to do so i just take a nap.
I couldn't take a deep sleep because I feel uncomfortable on the plane. =P
Anyway, I relish my long journey flying up there. Haha. =D

My lovely daddy took a picture of four of us upon waking up.
We are almost there! ^^
The weather was overcast , and it's only 8 degree out there. 
<3 Lovely!

The first thing I do after stepping out from the Melbourne airport , I ran out the airport and took a deep breath of the fresh air over there. The weather was frigidly cold and fresh, unlike Malaysia .
When the wind blow , you will shiver with cold. Awh I miss that. =(

Took this outside the airport

Skillful shot ~

Upon arrival, we commence on a Melbourne City Tour. We went St. Patrick's cathedral ,Captain Cook's Cottage in Fitzroy Garden , Shrine of remembrance, Yarra River & Melbourne China town.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.
A very gleeful & cohesive family. We love each other very much just like how God loves us. 
No one can separate us.

This is the largest church in Australia .
It can fix in 2000 over people.
United we stand.
We humbly bow before Christ.
We are happy family , with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...<3

Here comes Fitzroy Garden.
A fresh-greenish Garden. Every inhale air makes you feel ...ahhh... =]

What a lovely husband and wife... Nobody can replace both of you in my heart. I love you daddy and mommy! ^^
My elder brother. =)
What do you feel when i sit on your lap? I feel weird.. Haha!

The China town of Melbourne!

China Town.
As time passed, we felt hungry. We couldn't decide what to eat since there's lots of choice.
Uncle Leon can't stand any longer, therefore he just walked in to the nearest Thai restaurant.

And this was what we ordered. 
I ordered Prawn salad which I think it taste VERY nice, and pineapple fried shrimp rice, followed by a mango salad. Yum yum, all of these was satisfying. Very delicious. Mama Mia! 
This, is the Shrine of Remembrance. 
A father and the son who were been killed in a war.
They both don't even get the chance to see each other.
Took a photo outside the spacious compound.
18 of us~
My family  (leon ran somewhere else and we couldn't find him to take this pic)

The three beauty.. =3 *shy*
The city of Yarra River....... A sophisticated city.
Panasonic camera can also produce good quality picuture...

Trying to act like a model ... =)
After the city tour, we went the famous Crown Casino to indulge our buffet style dinner. ^^
 After a sumptuous ,filling dinner, we went back hotel and re charge . =)
It was a tiring first day at Melbourne. ^^

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