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Like the name of the campaign, OLOIYA’s “Everyone Loves Gift” was curated based on the culture and concept of people who loves to give and be gifted. Be it a token of respect or gratitude, the act of giving makes a comprehensive “Gift”. 

During the press launch, the team prepared confectionery such as candies, cookies, peanuts, chinese tea, dried meat for their guest to enjoy the “Yum Cha” session while Lynn & Raymond was sharing some infos about OLOIYA's background and their packaging direction this year. 

  The articulate Lynn was the host for the event that day.

Executive Director, Raymond Khue was giving an introduction to 2017 OLOIYA's Campaign  “Everyone Loves Gift”

During Raymond's explanation on the Brand's identity, he also mentioned that the theme/ packaging direction for OLOIYA this year is all about premium gifting as they have put a lot of effort on the packaging gift box ( you'll understand that it's all worthwhile once you get a glimpse of the gift box below this post). 

This year they've decided to fully absorb the cost of printing, and there's no increment of price this year, it's all about the spirit of giving back to their loyal customers. 

After all the detailed introduction, the team prepared Lou Sang (aka YeeSang ) for all the medias to toss our way to prosperity! It was no surprise that Chicken Dried Meat (aka ba-kwa) & Meat Floss were part of ingredients.

The founder (far left) - Mr Khue & family tossing their way to abundance and prosperity. 

Oloiya's packaging this year is designed with a retro New Year patterns, the logo of OLOIYA coincides with the Chinese zodiac this year, which are both roosters, hence I think the packaging speaks volumes. 

Besides the bakwa (dried meat), other series of their premium gifts, which include the retro Chinese calendar, ang pau and playing cards, was designed with a touch of the brand's charisma. 
Don't you think that OLOIYA is the perfect gift for this coming Chinese New Year?

Even the Ang paus are creatively designed which can be folded into an origami chicken. 

Can't express how impressed I am to see this. 
They even thought of including a packet of tissue paper just in case your lips are covered with an alluring sheen after savouring their bakwa

A retro design of auspicious elements, a prosperous golden gift box and a true embodiment of the festive spirit, it is no wonder why this makes my preferred gifting choice this Chinese New Year.
You can also conveniently purchase these pretty gift box with just one click away! Visit their website for more info!

This year Oloiya’s “Everyone Loves Gift” is the preferred choice of gifting.

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One of the significant traits of being a Malaysian is that you must know the street foods in this lovely country and where you can find them. All the way from Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah & Sarawak, here are the top five street foods you must try in Malaysia. 

1) Asam Laksa 

Sour and spicy soup well-cooked with fish meat and local herbs, Asam Laksa is served in a bowl with springy white noodles and fresh vegetables including mints, onion, pineapple, and cucumber slices. 

Famous in Penang and Melaka, locals and tourists will definitely get a taste of this food whenever they visit these two states for being the place of origin of the dish. To elevate the taste of this dish, you have to add in a spoonful of prawn sauce and fully enjoy Asam Laksa in its delightful flavor. 

2) Satay 

Skewed chicken, beef or lamb served on a plate with its special satay sauce, cucumbers and onions slices, the meats are marinated and grilled over burning charcoal plates. 

The special thing about this dish is its sauce that is made of chili, peanuts and several ingredients that give the grilled meat its divine flavours. You can easily find this in most food courts, night markets and it is especially famous in Kajang. 

3) Roti Canai 

The famous choice of Malaysian’s breakfast for its slightly toasted texture, served with curry and dhal. Available in almost all Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurants, many locals love to hang out at these restaurants and enjoy their breakfast or any other course of the day including supper with this dish. 

If you are looking for a sweeter taste, you can also request for sugar or condensed. To take it up a level, you can request to add on sardines, eggs, butter, and even banana. 

4) Apom Balik 

This is a local pancake, filled with sugar, peanuts, butter and corns toasted in a specially molded pan. You can easily find this at any morning or night markets throughout the northern and central region of Malaysia. 

With its crispy texture and mouthwatering taste, Apom Balik is a traditional recipe in the Chinese tradition and it is highly welcomed by all races in the country as desserts. Recently, many young locals had improvised the recipe by adding more food items such as sausage, eggs, hams, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter to offer more choices. 

5) Cendol 

Malaysia is known for its warm and moist weather, so a cold dessert like Cendol is highly likable by the locals and tourists to cool themselves down under the hot sun. Famous in Penang particularly, you can find this dessert in many Malay shops, night markets and franchise local restaurants such as Little Penang. 

Cendol is actually green Jello-ish squiggles, made from mung bean flour and stained green with pandan, the leaves of a tropical plant that tastes like vanilla. The squiggles, along with red beans, float in a soup of santan (coconut milk) and palm sugar. The soup is ladled over a big lump of ice, and condensed milk goes all over that.

There is so much more Malaysia has to offer in terms of great food. Remember to get a great cashback credit card to enjoy these dishes at the restaurants and get rewarded for your spending!
December is the month when you realize how quickly time goes by, and how quickly there's only a week left in the year 2016. To me, time passes exponentially quicker as I grew older. 
Can you believe that Christmas is coming this weekend?!

How do you normally celebrate Christmas? Well for me I have always been spending Christmas with people that I'm close with and we feast (Duh?)!
Last year, my family had a mini gathering at home, I remember mom cooked up a storm in the kitchen and prepared food that could feed a village for the five of us, food was *hands down* delicious, but the part where I dislike the most was the cleaning up part. 

This year, why not skip all the hassle cooking at home and dine out with your loved ones?

I was lucky to be able to be one of the few to sample Mezze's festive menu prior to the weekend. 
(*Photos are all jumbled up, scroll down to the end to see their menu)

 Mezze (an award-winning bistro and lounge serving modern tapas and dishes inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean with influences of old Europe and Asia)  is having their Christmas & New Year's Eve menu this festive season.

Terrine De Foie Gras served with Mango Chutney & Fig Bread.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with terrine with chutney, and a toast. 
When the food arrives, I couldn't help but to help myself to slather a generous amount of the terrine on the lightly toasted bread. Man, what a great way to kick start this dinner. 
I love how the sweet mango Chutney contrasted the rich, velvety foie, such a marvellous combination. 

Mille Fueille Smoked Salmon with Lemon Mascarpone

An unusual Mille Feuille which has no puff pastry in it. 
The Salmon goes well with the sourish and creamy lemon mascarpone and I love the colours on the plate. 
They're setting the benchmark pretty high for the rest of the night with starters like such. 

Leek, Roquefort & Escargot Stew in Puff Pastry

The following dishes continue to surprise me. 

As soon as we're done taking pictures, we dived our spoon right into the buttery pastry puff and dug into the oh-so-creamy roquefort & escargot stew. 
 I manage to fish a few escargot and quickly shover it into my mouth and I was momentarily sent to cloud nine. 

Lobster Salad with Persimmon Fruit

Without paying much attention to what I was having, I took a mouthful of the morsel and I thought to myself , 'why is this chicken so bouncy?'
Then I came to realise it was actually lobster. Hah. 

It was a pretty well balanced dish, nothing to shout about but very well executed. Love the huge chunk of lobster meat and the sweetness rendered from the persimmon. 

Pan Fried Sea Bass with Buttered Spinach, Clams, Poached Prawns

If you could get a taste of the ocean, this is it. 
Perfectly seared sea bass, very minimal seasoning and fresh clams. 
Oh, the buttered spinach sitting underneath the sea bass was da bom

Duck Fillet with coffee & Peach coullis with sides of Polenta

Kudos to the chef who came out with the recipe. 
I love how this dish tickles my tastebuds.

 Coffee and duck? Yes. 
Taste was peculiarly balanced, I guess that teriyaki sauce that was lightly brushed on the duck fillet and sesame helps in bringing everything together. 
Polenta was forgettable in my humble opinion. 

 Crab Chowder with Sweet Corn foam. 

The first taste was dominated by the taste of the corn, then I felt a slight tingling sensation on my tongue, it's no surprise when I saw the sprinkle of paprika on top. 
If you love corn this is a must-try. 
Rich, creamy and sweet. 

Roast Vegetables with Chimichurri Dressing

Egg plants, bell peppers, onions, carrots and zucchini. A delectable vegetable medley with vibrant chimichurri sauce. 

Cod Fish with Macadamia Crunch & Spelt Risotto, Roasted Tomato in Vine & Hazelnut Puree.

*Drum rolls*

Here comes my fav dish of the night. 

The crushed macadamia nuts adds texture to the tender and succulent cod. I enjoyed exercising my jaw to savour the best bit of the flavourful hulled wheat risotto. The hazelnut puree adds another earthy dimension on top of the scrumptiousness of the dish too. 
All in all, there's a myriad of flavours & textures in one single dish. 

Lamb Loin Crusted with Black Olive, served with sides of Couscous & Christmas Chutney Rolls

Not a big fan of lamb all these while but this dish proves that I can be wrong sometimes.

Perfectly seared on the outside, cooked medium-rare, the meat was tender and the olive taste was so profound, it managed to cut through the gaminess of the lamb, making it more acceptable to my palate.
The pesto couscous was scrumptious too, just a spoonful of these dainty rubies perfumes my entire mouth. 
Christmas chutney roll was amazing too. Basically it's like having popiah with filings made of apples, onion, orange juice, vinegar and sugar.. .Sweet, sourish and aromatic.  *thumbs up*

Turkey Roulade with Apple, Cranberry & Pecan Stuffing

The black pepper and cranberry sauce could elevate this seemingly simplistic dish. 
serve with sides of roasted baby potatoes and carrots. 

Tournedo Rossini with Royal Sauce & Foie Gras. 

Albeit the food was almost reaching to my throat at this point of time, but each mouthful I took was deeply satisfying. Oh glorious foie gras... If only it could be less sinful to think about what I was eating.
Beef mignon was cooked medium well, just the way I like it ( Don't judge la).

 I think meat lovers would love to have this entire dish on their own. This dish can really rock your socks off. 
I truly relished this dish as much as the previous lamb and cod. ;')

Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream, 
Hot Chocolate Sauce & Bailey's Custard. 

To denote a sweet ending, we had this decadent dessert soaked in Bailey custard. 

Be warned, this could potentially send your sugar level sky high. 

Red Fruit Pavlova with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

I love the combination of berries in this pavlova, the tartness of the berries manage to negate the cloyingness of the whipping cream and I love the invigorating scent that lingers on the palate.

Chocolate X'mas Yule Log

The calorific yule log was lip-smacking good too. 

Good food, good companion, and a glass (or two) of wine = 
 Endless laughter and conversation. This is how I would like to spend my time on Christmas. 

Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro @ 
Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara 


132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Business Hours:

+60 3-2095 0122
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