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I discovered @PopUpDiningKL haphazardly last week when they followed me on Instagram.
As straightforward as their Instagram handle says, it is a pop up dining, operates on irregular Monday, so I thought why not give it a try since this kind of pop up dining is so rare to catch.

You can have a look at their preview menu on their Instagram (PopUpDiningKL) before you decide to make reservation.
They will follow up with you once you send them your contact details. 

I personally thinks that it is a smart way to operate a business because this give chefs to test new concepts without the pressure of business models( rental etc) and at the meantime they can have full control on what they decided to cook. 


Grissini are long, thin, Italian-style breadsticks. 
I like the presentation of serving them in a tiny mason jar half filled with rosemary-infused olive oil.

They are crisp all the way through, great for easing our itchy mouth before they start serving our appetiser. 

Potato Rosemary Chips

Any chef will tell you that plating is an integral part of any meal.
The plate functions as an extension of the food and it can either make or break a meal, especially when it comes to fine dining.

Sesame Rice Crackers
Black Truffle mousse on Toast

The granite tableware that they use to serve their snacks blend playfulness, creativity and utility.

The sesame rice crackers was exceedingly delish, as the rice crackers were light and superbly crunchy, dotted with sweet sesame purée to tickle the tastebuds; Black Truffle mousse was well executed albeit the toast was a bit too chewy instead of crispy for my liking.

Meet the two young chefs Daniel and June, and the amicable front of house staff, Amanda. 

Bagna Cauda 'Banana' with greens.

This geometrically enticing antipasto is skilfully plated to catch someone's eye. 

Cone shaped baby sweet corn, perfectly scooped round galia melon(a cross between melon and cantaloupe), sweet cherry tomatoes, nasturtium leaves, layered pyramid cabbage, crispy lotus root chips and caramelised banana... A playful dish that comprises lot of colours and textures I would say.

The only complain is that they gave us too little sauce to go with it.

Ravioli, Ricotta and Brown Butter

My dining companion that night praised this particular dish incessantly, telling me how delicious it was. 

His verdict :''This is damn good, but damn fattening'',
(Which I agree totally) 
followed by shovelling these little calorific parcel into his mouth. 

Chicken '2 servites'
i) Roulade Walnut Garlic, Spinach, Onion
ii) Confit Leg in Onion bowl and potato.

Confit Leg and Potato in Onion bowl 

Sorry no photos of what's inside because I didn't manage to take a clear photo. 
Nevertheless it was another yummy dish.

Roulade Walnut Garlic, Spinach, Onion

Another dish that I took time to admire before devouring. 

Despite the fact that the roulade was a tad too dry for my liking, but it taste fine when we go with the caramelised onion chutney. 
The overall taste and presentation plus the details that chef had put into this dish was simply gratifying.

Walnut crumble was generously sprinkle on the roulade to give an additional texture and earthy flavour to it. 

Variation of Lemon
(Lemon Meringue sticks, Jelly, Lemon Mascarpone Cheese )

I adored the way they present my dessert on a blue floral-print serviette.
Skilfully folded into a dimensional shape and sit a petite mason jar on it. 
Lots of colours, flavours, and textures revolving a single theme- lemon. 

Plus a bonus of 10 point to them by beautifying this dessert with a delicate 'butterfly' flower. 

5-course RM98 nett /pax (cash term, no corkage fee). 
RSVP sms Amanda 012-3017552
follow their Instagram (@PopUpDiningKL)

Follow me if you want, too. 

bises. x

*foreword: Pictures are taken using phone camera, sorry for the low quality images. *

When times get rough, you always have ramen noodles.
A lot of people have the perception that Ippudo serves ONLY ramen, well you are not totally wrong but do bear in mind Ippudo's have other items on the menu that are worth trying too. 


Lime, Malibu Rum, Soda

Nikumiso Tofu

Tofu Salad served with IPPUDO's special minced meat miso paste.

Saikoro Steak

Grilled Rib Eye Steak Cubes on hot plate, serve with asparagus, carrots, and broccoli topped with teppan sauce.

Meat was succulent and perfectly cooked, I love the slight peppery and sweet tepan sauce.
Portion are just right for small eater like me.
No complaint at all. 

Akamaru Kakuni. RM31
(with Signature Braised Pork.)

For ramen, we tried the new item on the menu which is the Kakuni Special. 

The slab of braised pork is tender and soft, each mouthful has equal amount of fats and lean meat, which make this so irresistible. 

Rich and milky broth, copious amount of freshly chopped spring onion and black fungus, and there's only one word that comes to my mind- fantastic. 

Spicy Black. RM26 

Apart from the usual milky broth, this is another highly recommended ramen.

The Spicy Black is made with IPPUDO's original pork broth with special spicy nikumiso, specially prepared using black pepper, shansho, spicy fragrant oil and a blend of Ippudo's original & spicy koyu. 

Served with thin noodles, topped with chashu & a combination of bitter spicy salad and healthy pakuchi.

The broth might seem oily but trust me, it is not. 

It has a peppery taste and the spiciness slowly creeps in after a spoonful. 
The spiciness level is just right for me. 
I personally think that it's quite addictive too. 

To tone down the meal, we had some light dessert. 

Mochi Ice Cream Dessert.

(not in the menu)

IPPUDO is running a Instagram contest, RM100 worth voucher is up for grabs!

What you need to do:
1) Follow @ippudomalaysia on Insta
2) Post a pic of your dining experience in IPPUDO
3) Tag #IppudoMalaysia 

TWO winners with the best picture will wins RM100 IPPUDO VOUCHER every week.

What's more? 

Show the staff the photos you've posted on the spot and redeem a free dessert immediately!

Contest ends 31st March, better be quick, don't say I didn't share. 

Hakata Ippudo


1) Pavillion KL
2) The Gardens Mall KL
3) Bangsar Shopping Center

Website: IPPUDO Malaysia

Stowed away in the enclave of Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Bakar is on its way to becoming the best kept open secret. 

The phrase "burn baby burn" is immortalised in bright white neon lights. Bakar’s ambience and design is a reflection of their kitchen’s philosophy of producing simple fare with dramatic flair.

Dishes are prepared over the brisk flames of a charcoal fire. Featuring Modern BBQ dishes, designed by Keith Choong from Hit & Mrs, this menu is about global cuisine cooked over the age-old technique of charcoal fire. 

Bakar, just like Hit & Mrs has a dining seating capacity of 20-30 pax, with no unnecessary accoutrements.

Burn Baby Burn

Aix Rosé, Domaine Saint Aix
Provence, France

A glass of wine to kick start the Australian-Style BBQ dinner.

Classic cocktails available here too. 
Angela , the mixologist from Hit & Mrs highlighted a few signature cocktails for us that night. Amongst are Rickey, Tequila Sunrise and Old-Fashioned .

Grilled oysters 

Nothing beats the fresh flavours of oyster, the tinge of ponzu sauce cue in a refreshing taste to the palate.

Grilled Watermelon
(Pomegranate, mint leaf, cucumber, strawberry)

And the salad is just as beautiful as the space it’s cooked in. 
Every ingredient comes in different shapes, colours, textures and flavours. It comprise of baby red radish, lightly grilled watermelon, halved strawberries, mint leafs, chilli and white sesame, 
 a bowl of beautiful mess indeed. 

Though the combination of sweet and savoury ingredient (such as chilli and watermelon) might look a little exotic to you but trust me, it wouldn't take long for you to accept. I personally love the distinctive aroma that comes from the mint leaves.

Baby Zucchinis
(lily bulbs, dill oil, sliced almonds)

As mentioned earlier, Bakar focuses on BBQ-ing everything.
This particular green-themed plated salad was another dish that captured my attention because of its aesthetic beauty. .The nasturtium leafs blended beautifully into the salad
I wish I could just frame them up and hang on the wall in my room. Needless to say, it was pleasant to the palate too. 

 Trout Roe, Seaweed, Paper Thin Daikon Radish, Citrusy Soy Sauce) 

A Japanese tweak dish that night.
 The pink-hued Hamachi, aka yellowtail, is gleaming, unctuous and firm, literally melt in the mouth. 

Lamb Shoulder 
(Dukkah Nut, Greek Yogurt)

Perfectly grilled Lamb Shoulder served with flat bread and greek yogurt. The lamb meat was moist and tender. Drizzle the jus in maison jar on the meat and mop it up with the flat bread- pure bliss. 
 I am never a big fan of lamb because I do not like the assertive flavour but this is an exception, I could barely taste any gamey or unpleasant taste at all, guess it's also partially because of the lemon juice. 

Short Rib
(Kim Chi, Mung Bean, Cucumber, Mantao, Gochujang)

Another asian-inspired dish would be the Juicy Short Ribs served on a wooden platter.
Look at the glistening sheen on the surface of the meat, didn't it just make your mouth waters?

Sandwich everything together on the flat mantao and voila! 

The crunchy textures from the lettuce, cucumber, bean sprout paired so well with the slightly charred, juicy meat. I can assure you one piece of this is never enough.

Just as I thought they're about to serve us dessert, Mr. Ben came to our table, surprised us with some premium cuts: Dry aged steak and wagyu beef with caramelised onion chutney. 

Charcoal Pavlova

A melt-in-your-mouth-and-heart-orgasmic dessert .

Crack open this black beauty and you will be surprised with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. 
It was such a joy to photograph this dessert as I didn't know it was hollow inside.
I had an inexplicable pleasure savouring this. Love this to bits. 
This dessert also reminds me Molten Lava Cake because of the shape and the liquescent core (besides it was being served cold)

I like the how the berries tease my tastebuds in this dessert. I found that it helped to cut through the sweetness of the pavlova rather delicately, rendering a refreshing aftertaste.
Such a delightful combination! 

Last but not least, 
these tiny little melt-in-your mouth chocolate parfait cube are all dressed up and ready to catch someone's eye.

Beautifully plated with edible flowers, I adore the juxtaposition of the colours on the plate. 
The just-nice-and-petite portion gives you a sweet ending without stuffing you too much!

You know a place is good when they do the simple things right. 

And it's definitely a yes from me to pay a visit to Bakar - with such great service, amazing food (at a quite affordable price), cocktails and sophisticated setting , who could resist from coming back?

Operating hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays
6pm to Midnight
Last call 11pm

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Bakar @Bangsar
11B, Lorong Kurau,
Taman Weng Lock
Bangsar, 59100 KL

T: +603 2280 0073

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