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When I started learning French Cuisine I will never forget what my Chef Lecturer told me.
“In France, Cooking is a Serious Art Form, A National Sport” – Julia Child. 

The only issue is that we are in Malaysia and the Traditional French Cuisine scene in this country is rather small but we discovered a Hidden Gem right in the Heart of Bangsar. When Eunice called me to dine with her at a traditional French Restaurant Rendez-Vous which is located at Lorong Maarof, I got myself all prepped up as I have only had one or two good French Meals in Malaysia. 

Rendez-Vous new menu is headed by Chef Benjamin Reilhes whom hails from the quiet town of Toulouse, unlike other French chefs that limit themselves with just French technique and ingredients, Chef Benjamin is always finding ways to elevate his French cuisine with his own twist.
On a sunny afternoon we proceeded with our Adventure to Rendez-Vous, knowing the restaurant is located at the heart of Bangsar, getting a parking is all too familiar with us… rare. But we managed.

Upon entering the restaurant you will discover the whole place is an open air themed restaurant with a cosy looking bar at the side. The table linens and settings are also done and folded the traditional French way. 

Soon after we step foot inside the restaurant, our host Bijak came to us welcomed us with a Big Bonjour and a welcoming smile, the moment he sat us down I knew this restaurant wants the best for their customers. ‘Why’ you ask? Madagascar Black Pepper and French Sea Salt sitting on each table. I was also impressed with the breeziness of the open air theme and it instantly gave me the feeling of having a French meal in the streets of Paris.

After Explaining our course for the day, our host Bijak then proceeded to serve us our Apéritif, Cocktail and fresh French Baguette with French Beurre.

Rendez-Vous attention to détail was spot on as well. The Crackling sound from the warm baguette
Eaten with their french beurre. Even the simplest bread tasted très bien !

For the Cocktail we had a Le Breton which is a polished version of a Screwdriver, the balanced sweetness from the cocktail with the right amount of Vodka makes it easy yet delightful to drink especially for the ladies. 

Following the Cocktail, for our Apéritif we were served the Kir Classique
This Apéritif is a mix of White wine and Crème de Cassis which is a citrus based Liqueur. 
Overall it’s a bold Apéritif with the sourness of the Crème de Cassis awaking my appetite.
Just Imagine before our meal started and we were drowning ourselves with alcohol already.

For our First Course or Amuse Bouche, which in my dictionary is the first bite size course where the chef tries to amuse our palate with petite sized food. We had Cauliflower Soup with Truffle oil and it was good but Eunice and I felt the cheese inside the soup nearly clouded the taste of the cauliflower but it didn’t, overall an enjoyable Amuse Bouche.

*Note that after our amuse bouche the rest of our meals came with a wine pairing down to desserts.

Quef Parfait et Gnocchi.

After clearing our Amuse Bouche we were served our Appetizer which is a Quef Parfait et Gnocchi.
This dish has a very messy vibrant presentation, but these words “never judge a book by its cover” has never been truer then this dish. 

French style Gnocchi, unlike the usual gnocchi which comes in a soft dough dumpling form, this traditional french style gnocchi was made of flour, mash potatoes, and cheese. It had this melt-in-your mouth kind of texture, followed by a distinctive taste of parmesan cheese. I like the fact that chef added crispy filo pastry to layer up the texture of the overall dish. 

This dish being relatively heavy aside, the sun-dried cherry tomatoes & basil pesto plays an important role in negating all the cloyingness with its bright and sharp dulcet flavour profile. 

.... with the poached egg and cheese sauce glides gracefully down our throats, our lunch had never been this sublime. It was pure bliss to savour this dish alone. 

 To top it off, this dish was paired beautifully with a glass of Côtes du Rhône Shiraz which balances the richness of the dish with its medium body and tannin.

Soupe De Poisson or Seafood Broth with Confit Vegetables. 

With an exceptional great appetiser, we proceeded with our 2nd Appetiser. 
The French love to stuff their guest with good food don't you think so?  

The presentation of this dish was lovely even before the broth was poured into the soup bowl. They also gave a spoonful of Lobster Concentrate jus on the side. 

The first sip of the broth already managed to knock our socks off. It was remarkably scrumptious, with its sweet and mellow lobster taste which complimented the confit vegetables so well. They also uses Arvurga caviar in this dish too. 
The highlight of this dish is definitely the seafood stock, it has a soul in it and it really did hit all the right spots on me. 

 The wine pairing for this dish was also spot on, we had a glass of Golden Kaan Chardonnay which harmonizes with the flavours of the soup beautifully. 

Filet De Loup Le Mer or Pan Seared Seabass with Carrot Puree. 

Up Next was our first main course which is the Filet De Loup Le Mer or Pan Seared Seabass with Carrot Puree. 
A very lovely presentation and contrast of colours from the dish. 

The taste of the Seabass was fresh and succulent; the Carrot Puree was velvety, smooth and sweet. 
I love how chef plays around with different textures and flavours in this dish. The round crispy crackers acts like a crouton, giving  crunchy contrast to the oh-so marvellous flaky fish, with orange and grapefruit segments that lies atop of the fish that gives a stark citrusy note, with chopped spring onion just to give an extra punch & colours. Oh if there's one thing that we think it would improve the dish was that the skin of the seabass could be crispier. 

We found that the wine pairing was slightly off as the Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Muscat was already luscious on its own and thus making the overall pairing a tad too sweet (or maybe it was just me). After all, this dish & wine alone was really something to behold. 

Tranche D’agneau Au Jus or Lamb Rack and Anchovies topped Pizzarelli.

Next, we had the Tranche D’agneau Au Jus (Lamb Rack served with Lamb Jus) and Anchovies topped Pizzarelli. 

This dish is the true definition of Classic French Food Porn. With The lamb rack sous vide till medium and seared off, maillard reaction perfection.  

Anchovies topped Pizzarelli

We had our Lamb racks paired with a glass of Baron Monbarduc 2014 which was the wine pairing winner for the whole meal.

The lamb was fully marbled and the assertive taste was what I was after, it perfumes my entire mouth.
Everything about the wine’s characteristics elevated the taste and experience of our lamb dish, as its full bodied manage to cut through the assertive taste of the lamb. For me hands down the best pairing dish of the day. 

Tarte Au Citron Meringue served with Lime Sorbet

With the Main Course done, we were then served our first dessert. 

 We had the Tarte Au Citron Meringue (Lemon tart with Soft Meringue) served with Lime Sorbet and boy was it good. Sometimes the classic will never go wrong just like fashion. Nothing pretentious about this dessert, just simple French food porn. The taste of the lemon tart was zesty and when accompanied with the soft meringue, it gave a soft and light creamy touch. The Lime sorbet was also on a league of its own, refreshing and delightful on a hot sunny day. You generally can’t complain about this dessert.

Pan’s Brest or Choux Pastry with Hazelnut Custard

The final course for the day was the Pan’s Brest or Choux Pastry with Hazelnut Custard. Now if you think the first dessert was amazing, this one is just orgasmic and the best way to end your meal. 
Even the plating looks great! 

The choux pastry was done right with the perfect slight bouncy texture and the hazelnut custard. It  was simply mouth-watering with the richness of the hazelnut and the creamy custard texture. Chef Benjamin, you deserve an award for this. 

Overall, it was an unquestionable satisfying and proper Haute Cuisine for us. 
With some emotion changing dishes like the Lamb and the Choux Pastry with Hazelnut Custard, I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a proper Traditional French Cuisine.


100, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 
59000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Phone : 
+60 3-2202 0206

Business Hour: 
12–3PM, 6–11PM

Photography by Eunice Lim
Words by Jordan Yap

Good news guys! Naughty Nuri is giving away RM50,000 hard, cold cash, contest starting from Oct till Feb 2017! Continue reading to find out more. 

Naughty Nuri's famous tagline “Killer Ribs, Twisted Martinis” is no stranger for foodies like us, and a real foodie is those who are not ashamed to roll up their sleeves, get their fingers dirty and devour like a real glutton. 

Stepping in to Naughty Nuri's, get prepared to see swine in every corner. 
Our dinner started with three tapas, which is the deep fried pork belly, squid and truffle fries. 

Naughty Crispy Belly

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Truffle Fries

Balinese Crispy Cumi-Cumi

All these tapas are great to go with beers. The pork belly are cut into small pieces then deep fried and then stir-fry with condiments such as onions, cucumbers, chilis, onions and sesame seeds. 
Sweet, crunchy and addictive, it'll be too late when you realised you forgot to count the calories while habitually popping these little devil into your mouth.

Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs

The meat was superbly cooked and flavoured and almost fall-off-the bone tender, a little squeeze of lime really lightened an otherwise meaty dish. It's a lip smacking delicious rack of ribs I must say. 
One cannot say that they have been to Naughty Nuri's if one had yet to try out the ribs. 

Indonesian Style Nasi Goreng

Next we had the Indonesian Style Fried Rice which is basically nasi goreng with Siu Yoke. The rice is fried with vege, chilis and eggs. For me, no nasi goreng is complete without having a sunny-side up egg! (It also adds a nice colour contrast to the dish too) The roast pork was superbly done, with it's crackling pork skin and tender meat with the just right fats to meat proportion. 

Indonesian Style Mee Goreng

Topped with a sunny side up, keropok, Siew Yoke, onions and chopped chillies for extra kick. So simple, yet packed a punch in flavour. 

Balinese Ayam Bertutu

If you can take spicy food, this dish was too tasty to go by without a second or tenth helping. The acar on the side adds an aromatic crunch; while the sambal tumis chilli( red & green) spice the entire dish up. This dish is remarkable spicy, sharp, pungent and addictive at the same time! 

Mt. Buleleng inspired Sizzling Bacon Chocolate Cake 

The chocolate cake was dense & moist and was served warm on a sizzling hot pan- a scrumptious contrast to the coldness of the vanilla ice cream. There's tiny bit of bacon pieces incorporated in the chocolate cake. I will not be able to tell that there's bacon in it until they pointed it out. Not the salty type and the taste and textures are almost unrecognisable, I mistakenly thought it was fine almond nibs at the first bite. Overall, I love the pork touch in most of the dish I had that night. 

Eat & Win Contest

From Oct 2016 - Feb 2017, Naughty Nuri's will reward RM10,000 to one lucky winner every month and on the last month, they are giving out cash prizes of RM18,888.

How to Win

Spend any amount at Naughty Nuri's and submit your participation and receipts via the Manis App (available on iOS & Android). The highest spender of the month will be taken into account for the RM10,000 cash reward each month. 

You can also earn additional rewards with Naughty Nuri's Piggy Wheel which is available in all Naughty Nuri's outlet. To be eligible to particupate, diners must purchase one Carlsberg Beer Tower or 3 Connor's Stout Pints or spend a minimum of RM150 in a single receipt.  You might just win yourself FREE ribs, a Carlsberg Beer Tower and other merchandises. 

If you miss me, here's a photo of me & Bok from

Good things come in pairs so here's another photo of both of us. 

Sometimes I think it's unfair if you take 388x photos and you only post 2. So here's the last pic of both of us. :P

Bok is another avid photographer that I have known for many many years, if you're looking for honest reviews about  places to eat, go read his blog!

Naughty Nuri's is a pretty fun place to hold a function; the ambiance is great, lively, and cheery, the staff are energetic and attentive, plus the food overall is pretty darn great ( not to mention they serve beers and wine too). 

Make Naughty Nuri's your food destination to toast a birthday or two a night out with your friends or family to rake up those points. 
Naughty Nuri's is giving away RM18,888 on Feb 2017, and the last day of submission is 12th Feb! 

The fourth outlet is opening in Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya on the 8th of October, 2016. 

Also, if you are keen to join the contest, read the details here:

Naughty Nuri's KL Life Centre
Lot G-05, Ground Floor Life Centre,
No.20, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook : 

Just in case you're around Taman Tun area and you feel like having a hearty and healthy breakfast and you have no idea on what to eat, Goodness Greens is the answer to your dilemma. 

Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria has recently came out with a new Breakfast Menu (Full menu is at the bottom of this post), apart from their soup, salad, pastas & their famous Açai Berry Bowl, now they're serving protein loaded breakfast too!

I visited this place last week with a few of my friends and decided to try all four items on the breakfast column which is available from 8am to 2pm daily. 

Herb Chicken Breakkie. RM23

We had the Herb Chicken Breakkie which consist of grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs, a organic kampung egg serve in sunny side up, roasted baby potatoes, high fibre bread, butter, side salad, cherry tomatoes, served with warm thai red coconut curry. 

Anything that comes with a wobbly egg, I'm sold. Runny yolks make my knees weak. 
I love how simple this breakfast was prepared. Chicken breast was tender and moist, and well marinated with paprika (I think). A squeeze of lime onto the tender piece of meat was able to elevate the whole flavour of the dish. 

I think the best way to devour this is to smother the butter onto the toast generously, then layer the chicken meat on top, top with the egg and drizzle the thai red curry sauce on top of it, if it's not enough, drench it. Baam. You just got yourself an open-faced sandwich with a Thai twist. 

Big Breakfast RM26

 Next we had the classic Big Breakkie which, unsurprisingly comes with a jumbo sausage, 
two organic kampung eggs (you get to choose how you want the eggs to be cooked, from sunny side up/ scrambled/soft boiled); the plate also consist of baby potatoes, sautéed trio mushroom(Shiitake, White button mushroom, Eryngii), high fibre bread, butter, side salad, cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin.

Classic fine breakfast. 
I absolutely adore the colours on the plate. 
It reminds me of the rainbow spectrum.. From red to orange, yellow to green and the list goes on. 

The pumpkin, baby potatoes, sweet potatoes were in its most unadulterated form, lightly seasoned with salt and perfectly roasted. There are lots of different textures on this plate alone.. I promise this will ease your 'big business' tomorrow morning. This is all you need to kick start your day, it's packed with carbs, proteins, fibres and nutrients. 

Truffle Omelette. RM19

If you're into body building, I suggest you to go with the Truffle Omelette.
Goodness Greens only uses organic kampung egg in all their egg dishes and little did I know that there's actually four eggs used in this dish alone! Mushrooms, red & green capsicum, zucchini and mozzarella cheese were sautéed, then wrapped in the truffle infused omelette, it also comes with high fibre bread, butter, side salad and cherry tomatoes too. The truffle oil was the star of the dish, though invisible, but the first bite will make you feel like you're on cloud nine. This is what I call a simple lavish breakfast.  

Soft Boiled Organic Kampung Eggs. RM13

If you prefer a lighter version breakfast, opt for the Soft Boiled Organic Kampung Eggs. 
It comes with two soft boiled eggs, high fibre bread with butter, side salad cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin. 
I think this will be my all time choice as I don't usually eat a very heavy breakfast. 

Breakfast Wrap. RM13.90

The basic breakfast wraps consist of tomato sliced, romaine lettuce, scramble eggs, sausage with mayo dressing. 
If you want to amp up your protein in take you can also choose from the 'Add Ons' column which gives you a myriad option of Smoked duck breast, Smoke salmon, Chicken breast, Grilled shrimp or Salmon fillet. 

 As a seafood lover, we ordered the grilled shrimp to go with it. 

The wrap was simple and straightforward, no complicated sauce involved, no fancy ingredients but it was the best comfort and hearty food to go to after a strenuous morning workout. 

*add ons will be served separately instead of going in to the tortilla wrap. 

Besides coffee, there are 20 types of juices for you to choose from to pair with your breakfast.
Coffee is reasonably priced around RM10-11 and their juices range between RM11-RM14.

Also, Goodness Greens are opening a few more stores in addition to the brand called Superfoods in Mont Kiara and Avenue K by the end of this year! (Health freak let me here you hola!)

Not only that, if you have any question pertaining to health and nutrition feel free to contact or call 018-223 7755(Monday to Fridays only), the best part? It's free of charge ! So what cha waiting for? save the number now!

Goodness Greens Cafe

Jalan Dato Sulaiman,
(same row with Grumpy Cyclist, Devi’s, D’Legends Bar)
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 018-368 3320

Instagram: @goodnessgreenscafe
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