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To a committed carnivore, adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet - no meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs - sounds like a dramatic step and seem almost impossible, especially when everyone around you are unconsciously a meat eater. 

I've been very health conscious just recently, doing all sorts of researches and read up a lot of articles about being a vegan. I found that there's a big controversy on the internet about the topic like 'Why I went vegan' or 'How I became vegan', etc. 

I started to watch very closely about my diet and found that eighty-percent of my food aren't vegan and I'm trying to adapt a vegan lifestyle. 

I became more aware of places that doesn't serve meat and focusing on just plant-based meal, then came Raisin The Roof- A vegetarian restaurant that serves raw, clean, unprocessed food that preaches the #Eatclean philosophy. 

Very Berry Parfait RM14.90

Made of fresh strawberries & blueberries layered with creamy greek yoghurt and sprinkled with their house made Matcha cranberry pecan granola for an additional antioxidant punch. 

I personally love Granola (a lot) to the extend that I can finish one box of granola in three days! I've tried all kinds of granola available in the local supermarket: YoGood, Kellogge's, Quaker, Dorset, Nature valleys, you name it... 

It's my fav snacks albeit the throat sometimes gets sore after having too much at one go. 

I love their yogurt:granola:fruits ratio as you get to taste everything in a spoonful. Exceedingly nutritious and delicious! A must try!

Fudge Brownie Trifle RM15.90

Date & walnut brownie layered with velvety banana-cashew cream sprinkled with house-made chocolate crunch granola. Wholesome, hearty & heavenly all in one!
Each mouthful was sweet and fudgy yet not cloying at all. 

You also get some chunky slice of banana and kernels of buckwheat sporadically as you continue to chow this down. 
Is there anything more gratifying than this?

Look how generous they are with their ingredients! 
(albeit the serving size is quite petit, around 3~4oz, but trust me, this can easily fill you up because the texture is so thick and dense!)

Next we had the Pistachio Falafel Salad.

I have always had a perception that salad usually taste bland and unappetising, it has to be drenched with creamy, sweet and sourish dressing but not until I try this Pistachio Falafel Salad, RM 19.90.

This Middle-eastern salad comes with freshly baked pistachio & herb falafels are served with roasted beets, grated carrots, tabouleh and home-made hummus, drizzled with mint yoghurt & pomegranate molasses.

Do not be deceived by the photos you see, the actual size of the salad HUGE. I could barely finish it by the end of the meal. Who says salad can't be filling? 
It's simple, raw and extravagantly delectable. 

We also had the Avocado Toast RM18.90 .

The Avocado Toast comes visually orgasmic, the first thing I noticed was the bread. 
Thick & dense danish rye bread spread with lemon tahini and mashed avocado, topped with fried egg, pomegranate molasses sauce and sesame seeds. 

The rye bread has a nice little crisp crunch on the outside and the middle is moist and full of whole grains. It pairs well with the creamy, dulcet mashed avocado and sunny side egg that's very minimally seasoned. And oh! It definitely requires extra gum strength to truly enjoy this wholesome toast. 

It's a texture and flavour complex dish in a nutshell,
and it was scrumptious overall.

For drinks, I had the 'Beautifying-moo-less milk' that is raw, cold-pressed and dairy free. 

It's Raisin's best-selling Pistachio Rose Nutmilk RM19.90.
Exquisitely made of pistachios, dates, rose water and sea salt. 
I love the velvety smooth and rich body of the vegan 'milk', with just a hint of sweetness and rose flavour to it. It was remarkably rejuvenating. 

My dining companion had the Skin Glow RM14.90 (not photographed)
(consist of Wheatgrass, Spinach, Lettuce, Parsley, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Guava) and it tasted refreshing. Not just a powerful thirst quencher, it also soothes the throat and calms the body on a scorching hot sunny day.

I was looking at their Truffles sitting in the cake display, and I saw a few interesting ones such as Chocolate Almond Truffle, Maca Espresso Truffle, - which are all raw, vegan and gluten free...and the juices and sandwiches too! 

I was so tempted to try them all but I was super full at that point. 
Oh well, on the bright side, this is definitely not gonna be my last time here. 
I think being vegan isn't that hard at all, you just have to have the actualisation to do something good for yourself. 

I do feel very much better after having a wholesome and nutritious plant-based meal though I am not too sure how long can I go on without eating meat/dairy/cheese, but I will try to get accustomed to this new diet, slowly but surely. ;) 
And you should too! Try going vegan for a week and see how your body feels... listen to your inner self. It's definitely not going to be easy but bear in mind, if something doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. 


This is an invited, unpaid review but opinion are unbiased and solely based on my personal preferences and may vary from others.

Raisin' The Roof
''We believe that eating natural, whole foods with nutritious calories can have a significant positive impact on a person’s well-being and attitude. Our menu features a wide choice of delicious savories & sweets made only with unprocessed ingredients while catering to individuals’ dietary requirements. All our products meet the modern day expectation of quality and exceptional flavor combinations promising indulgence without guilt. Yes, that's right - indulgence without guilt! 
We want to inspire our customers to build healthier lifestyles and make positive life changes through food that are good for you. Welcome to a modern way of eating.''

More details :

Raisin The Roof
Plaza Damansara, 
61 Jalan Medan Setia 1
Bukit Damansara, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2011 5313

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday 
8am – 6.30pm

Saturday Sunday 
 9am – 6.30pm

Closed on Mondays

Flight Club is a brand new dining concept unique to the airport environment, launched by Plaza Premium Group. They are dedicated to bring their customers a relaxed, unparalleled yet healthy dining experience, with the promise of eating well, especially when travelling.

Inspired by herbs and seeds, all their dishes are created to embrace a healthy lifestyle when travelling. Hailed as superfoods they are hand-picked by our team to ensure every dish is prepared with care to nourish the body and maximise the flavours drawn from the earth.

For appetiser we had the 6degrees Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato SoupThis is a farm styled tomato soup, served with homemade calamansi sorbet for that additional tang. It was remarkably refreshing and rejuvenating I must say, without the quirky raw tomato-ey taste (Do note that they do not serve this as photographed but because this was an invited review and we still have a long list to go as you scroll down this page). 

To proceed, we had a colourful combination of oriental flavours salad - Flight Club's Home Grown Farmer Tomatoes consist of  papaya salad dressed with roasted ground peanut, tamarind sauce and tossed with mint leaf and rocket leaves. There are lots of textures and flavours in just one dish alone... What a great dish to order to pump up your fiber intake!

Flight Club is inspired by herbs and seeds, all of their dishes on their menu promise to bring an unusual culinary adventure to uncover the bountiful and freshest not just local but international delights. 

For mains, we had the Angel Hair Aglio Olio, RM28

Sauteed Sepatang dried shrimp, smoked garlic, scallion, bird's eye chili and topped with grilled river fish fillet. 
Love this simple yet comforting dish as it was spiced up with chili flakes and aromatically sweet river fish. 
I personally prefer any other fish than dory fish at any time. 

For the meat lovers, Pot Roast, RM39 is definitely the dish to order. 
Huge chunk of tenderly braised beef, accompanied with cauliflower and broccoli. 

Rotisserie Chicken. Quarter Chicken RM23

My fav among the mains that I had. 
Chicken slow roasted to perfection, marinated with their secret recipe of fresh herbs and local spices. Fragrant, tender and juicy.
Served with boiled potatoes, broccoli and carrots. 

Half Chicken RM40
Whole Chicken  RM72

Lamb Stew RM35

Tender lamb mince stew, slow cooked in rosemary juice, served with local seasonal vegetables, salad, and tortilla. At this point of time I realised Flight Club serve all types of red meat; beef, chicken, lamb... Diners can definitely dine here all year long without getting bored of their menu selections. 

Hydroponic Baby Cos "Caesar's Style" RM16.00

The classic Caesar Salad of Parmigiano-Reggiano and smoked garlic dressing, given a twist with baby cos leaves, thinly sliced beef bacon, radish, cherry tomato and anchovy topped with slices of slow-cooked black pepper chicken breast( any salad that comes with a portion of roast chicken always a win in my book).
Love the fresh cut orange and grapefruit that was added into my salad as it balance out all the rich food I had earlier.

Englishman’s Fish & Chips.

Coated with a fluffy multi-grain seed batter, and served with a classic apple cider vinaigrette and tartar sauce. 

Perhaps chef overlook the time while doing my F&C, on the photo it looks a little burnt but it still taste scrumptious nontheless. Batter was airy and delightful, the fish was flaky and succulent. 
I personally love drenching the fish in tartar sauce to elevate the deliciousness. Mmm, classic western food, it reminds me so much of the fish and chips I had in UK last September. 

The “1824 Beef Cheek” will appease any discerning diner; the braised cheek was stupendously tender and flavoursome served with couscous grain, buttered highland vegetables and miso gravy makes for an appetising and healthy meal at the airport.

Prawn Risotto. RM30

Flight Club's Prawn Risotto is served with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and a hint of lemon and orange zest. It was alright but guess it was overshadowed by other dish that I had before this. 

Double Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake

Here comes the best part- dessert!
*drum rolls*
What an eye-pleasing legal (food)porn. 
Pleasant as always, the molten chocolate lava cake which is served warm and paired with Vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed savouring the complexity of the hot and cold: the bittersweet chocolate and melt-in-your mouth ice cream, I was temporary into ecstasies. Not forgetting the crumbled nuts and pieces of dainty fruits that adorn the dessert too. 

Next we had the Signature homemade Beetroot Ice-cream with cheesecake.  It's my first time trying such exotic dessert - Beetroot ice cream. It's peculiarly delicious I would say. Do you know that beet root also low in calories and is a rich source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants? Yes? Then don't question, just eat, it's good for you! 

Beetroot/ Cempedak Ice Cream Single Scoop, RM10.00 

The Cempedak ice cream is totally out of the world. It was creamy, sweet yet not cloying. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. 
( They also offer other flavours such as Sesame and vanilla ).

Opening round-the-clock with a measure of over 3,200 square-feet, this casual and chic eatery with about 110 seats is set within a contemporary design resembling comforts of home. It features a buffet salad bar, dessert display counter and a live cooking kitchen station where guests will be able to enjoy an interactive dining experience while awaiting their flight. The natural, refreshing and rustic decorations reflect its pursuit of modern leisure whilst projecting a homey and sense of well-being for our guests.

The soaring windows of Flight Club bring extra charm by offering a magnificent view over the runway. To complement travellers’ seamless airport experience, amenities such as charging stations, flight information display board, TV channels, complimentary Wi-Fi and a selection of magazines and newspapers are also available at our guests’ disposal.
Soaring windows promise a scenic view

In addition to a wide array of green healthy delicacies, the bar inside this eatery serves specialty cocktails and coffee, chilled beers and cold-pressed signature juices to help ward off travel woes. For those wanting something quick on-the-go, the Take Away counter offers designer wraps with wholesome fillings or the option of creating your own exclusive wrap.

Next time when you have few hours spare time while waiting to board your flight and wondering where you should spend your time wisely, think Flight Club. 

Flight Club@KLIA 
Mezzanine Floor (level 2), Satellite Building, KL International Airport
Opening Hours
24 hours daily
Contact Information
t +603 8776 1538 

Martell V.S.O.P. was set to usher in the new year with one night of French Art de Vivre at the inaugural Martell La French Touch Party on 16th January 2016 at KL Live.

Headlining the first ever La French Touch Party is Grammy Award nominee, French DJ Joachim Garraud, one of the most influential pioneers in the electronic dance music scene. The event will also feature Malaysia's Popular DJ, Joey G; Malaysia's Hottest DJ, Patricia Knudsen; Hip Hop International World Bronze Medalist, Elecoldxhot; as well as ​artists from famed local DJ community - Play for Passion in a celebration of true French living. 

Saluting 300 years of French excellence, Martell, one of the oldest cognac house in world, celebrates the evolution of the French music movement in the last decade with the creation of the limited edition La French Touch by Martell and culminating in an evening of electrifying music.  Housed in a glow-in-dark, neon blue bottle, the limited edition was created in a partnership with Etienne de Crécy, pioneer and emblematic figure of the electronic music movement. Etienne de Crécy popularised French House music, a genre that came to be known as ‘the French Touch’.
“The La French Touch party is a way for us to bring the art of French living to Kuala Lumpur in line with Martell’s brand messaging. The La French Touch concept aims to expand the brand reach by offering a curated experience for the new generation who celebrate life through exhilarating music, spectacular parties and elegant cocktails. Similar to our other offerings at Martell, our goal is to share quality products that can be enjoyed in a myriad of pleasurable moments,” shared Emmanuel Dokhelar, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.   

“The treatment and details created by Etienne de Crécy for the La French Touch bottle will be recreated throughout the event from the ambience, to the food and cocktails and especially in the music,” he added. 

Martell and ‘La French Touch’

In the space of twenty years, the French Touch has become one of the biggest musical revolutions of the 20th century through its unique contemporary and planetary sound, whilst widening its spheres of expression into art, graphics, video and fashion. 

The French Touch and Martell have been cultivating the same quest for quality, the same demand for shared emotions, and the same desire to show the world this French Art de Vivre, celebrated for 300 years by the oldest of the top brands of Cognac. 

Etienne de Crécy, the living incarnation of the French Touch, is behind the artistic direction of this limited edition, which embodies all the creative collective energy of a French trend, now an international reference.   

A bold limited edition 

Along with Martell blue, the neon lights, iconic modules of the French Touch, have here become the signature of this limited edition. Used in interplay of vibrating lines, with UV ink, they create an electrifying dimension evoking the unique magnetism of the ‘City of Lights’ nights.

“Designing, producing, and putting a bottle of Martell VSOP under the spotlights. There's something both elegant and exciting about that.” commented Etienne de Crécy.

“For this bottle I needed a dark, deep and dense background, in order to get the neons to vibrate. The famous Martell blue seemed the obvious choice. Especially as the colour also symbolizes night time, with all its electricity and its attractions,” he shared. 

The graphic design of the electric lines evokes the Cube, equally emblematic for the French Touch and Etienne de Crécy, reminding us just as much of a music studio or of the center stage of a night-club or an art gallery, where one is throbbing to the beat of a musical performance. 

‘It came naturally. The neon was getting further away, fading out, and suddenly a rhythm appeared. It was both really abstract and really powerful. An almost musical form, strong and sensitive, which everyone can interpret in their own way,’ concluded Etienne. 

The new Martell VSOP limited edition glows in the dark in night venues, and in this way enters into the trend with its strong codes, an association of power and elegance, which will electrify the night in not just in Paris but the world over. 

The prolific French producer Joachim Garraud


The event last night was a success as I thoroughly enjoyed myself, dancing along with the upbeat Electro & House music, sipping cognac with a tulip glass in my hand. 
Check out my Snapchat for some snippets about the performance of Joey G, Elecoldxhot, Patricia K, Play For Passion & MC Vibes!
(snapchat: @EuniceEunny )


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