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Hola! It has been a bloody while. This year end has been full of unexpected events, hence the hiatus this blog has gone through. 

Glad to be able to sneak a few hours out for lunch to catch up with a few of my friends last week at Manmaru Atria over some Japanese food and cocktails. 

Gyoza chips with Tuna Salsa.

Love the thin and crispy gyoza sheet that goes with it(not in the picture)
The salsa was remarkably refreshing with bits of cucumber and mango.

Then we had the varieties of sashimi platter. 
Our fabulous 5-variety seasonal Sashimi (RM150) came in this presentation- which include: 
Shake, Otoro, Amaebi, Kampachi and Akami. 

We also found a rare type of seaweed- Umibudo in the platter too.

Umibudo also known as Okinawa's rare seaweed, has a distinctive appearance. It look like an emerald bracelet to me and it tasted akin to tobiko. 

The lobster roll comes with mango and cucumber arrange skilfully into a dragon-like structure.
Adorned with salmon roe atop and sprinkled with generous amount of ebiko on the side.

Salmon Ikura Millefeuille (RM45) and Gyoza Chips with Tuna Salsa (RM28). 

The ingredient may sound and look simple but the taste is definitely on top of the tier, 
the presentation of this Salmon & Ikura Mille-Feuille certainly won over my heart. The mini crab looks like it's fishing for edible flower- and the 'rod' is actually made of squid ink spaghetti.

I just couldn't take my eyes off this dish. 
Dining in Manmaru definitely evoke all my senses to live.

If you are feeling bored of the usual Japanese ala carte, try their Omakase which I highly recommended.

Manmaru's Omakase Sets priced at only RM180 per pax (5-course) and RM280 (7-course), you can skip all the decision making process and let Chef Danny decide what's best to serve you on that day. 

Course No.1 - 5 types of appetiser.

Look at the super petit crab!

Course no.2 - Sashimi for one.

Look at the amount of fresh cut sashimi that you are getting. 
It's definitely worth the price that you are going to pay for. 

Sweetest Amaebi (Sweet shrimp)

Course no.3 - Grilled Oyster with cheese. 

Not a single drop of the oyster essence goes to waste.

4th course- Foie gras with Salmon Skin.
Just realise I didn't manage to get a nice shot of this dish (sorry, my bad). 
This is not your typical foie gras as it was being marinated for 3 weeks with chef's secret recipe.
The assertive foie gras taste was very well balanced with the miso paste- Stuff the entire morsel in one mouthful, and enjoy the sweet, creamy, and crunchy texture all at once. 
A very note-worthy dish I must say. 

Not to forget it was so pretty to look at too. <3
Who needs roses when they have edible flowers?

5th course - Wagyu beef

The waygu beef was seared then slow cook on a pre-heated hot stone to retain its flavour.
This dish should be consumed as soon as it arrives to your table. 
It took me less than a minute to take a shot of this beauty and I managed to savour the best medium-rare chunk of meat.

The meat was remarkably juicy and fragrant(thanks to the generous amount of finely chopped garlic coated on the exterior on the meat); it requires zero skills to tell that this is a well-marbled cut. 

6th course- Seared Tuna Belly.

Perfectly seared tuna belly lightly seasoned with pepper and garlic, served with thinly sliced porcini mushroom underneath, this is, my friend, the real deal. 

No further explanation needed. 
If you haven't try this before, you are definitely missing out a lot in life. 

7th course- Trio way to eat ramen. 

....and just as I thought that I've survived the 7 courses, here comes the dessert. 

Fyi, dessert is complimentary when you order the Omakase set.
(YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT, so if you are ordering the 7-courses omakase, you are actually getting extra one dish)

Look how thoughtful chef is when it comes to plating. 
Love the pulled sugar candy that has been shaped into a bowl, and my favorite green tea ice cream paired with adzuki beans (I hope  you have a clue why I name my blog url as greentearedbean now).

Signature Smoked & Plum Galaxy (RM39; combining the fruity powers of plum & peach)

Apple Gravity Beer (RM28) (left) 

Spring Peach (RM25) 

Hana Kotaba- RM30
Manmaru is definitely a place for people who appreciate the finest Japanese food. 

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Address: G-26, Atria Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan SS22/23 47400
Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 

Tel: 03-7733-1038

Let's just be honest, not everyone can get accustom to eating like a king everyday. 

Often times we are so blessed with food (especially Malaysian), we do not have to worry where and what to get for sustenance at all, we are spoilt for choices. 

The F&B scene is so saturated with cafes nowadays, and at one point I got so sick of the cafe food, like american breakfast, eggs benedict, granola, toast... I mean, give me some real decent street food!

Pumpkin Barley. 

I've cut down a lot hunting for cafes lately as the cravings for street food in me was so intense.
I will easily choose prawn mee over chicken chop ; chee cheung fun over prata. 

I've came across Yap Hup Kee online, and get to know that they serve very good curry chee cheung fun and yong tau foo in their Pudu branch. I've decided to drop by their Kuchai branch as it's closer to where I'm staying. 

For starters, we had the deep fried vegetarian goose. 
Which is deep fried till golden colour. 
It was so light and airy, crispy and not oily at all! 

Try the Fried Salted Egg Yam Dumplings (RM4.50) which boasted a crispy texture at the first bite and soon followed by the crunch from the water chestnut. A simply yet delicious snacks to nibble on.

Honey Barbecued fried intestine. RM4.50

I personally think that those who doesn't eat innards are missing out a lot!
The intestine was slightly chewy, sweet, and absolutely delectable!
My mouth waters as I look at this again. 

For those who are not so adventurous, try their deep fried taufoo stuffed with salted fish, it taste equally delicious as the previous ones. 

The fillings were superb, its mildly saltish nuance melding wonderfully with the taufoo making them irresistibly addictive.

Mince pork Loh Sue Fun- RM4.50

When it comes to classic comfort food, nothing beats this traditional loh sue fun. With the simplest ingredients such as mince meat, soy sauce and shallot oil, this simple homely dish is sure to appeal to all ages. 

Toss everything together and devour!

Big Prawn Dumpling with pickled vege soup. RM12.50

The soup version dumpling is perfectly suited for those who prefer clear, uncomplicated nuances.

Tell me how can it go wrong for a dumpling when they stuff in a whole piece of fresh bouncy prawn in it? 
It was love at first bite when I sampled the big prawn dumplings. 

Whole prawn is used instead of chunks. If you can take spicy, I would recommend you to dip it with their sambal belacan, I bet you’d find the dish deftly executed after taking the first bite. 

The piquancy of sambal belacan should please those with a penchant for strong flavours like me. 

Fried Big Prawn Dumpling- RM12.50

Personally, I’m partial to the deep fried version. It's super crispy exterior yielding delectable fillings of minced meat, huge (whole) prawns and finely cut carrots. 

Chee Cheung Fun with dried shrimp- RM2.50

Sometimes it's the simplest food that tames the most complicated tastebuds.

In Yap Hup Kee, they use flat rice roll instead of the usual rolled cheung fun; don't expect to get the Hongkie version which comes with char siew or prawn fillings here as Yap Hup Kee's version is only adorned with minced pork topping and dried shrimp. 

Curry Chee Cheung Fun- RM2.50

While the rice sheets are like a blank canvas, it plays a super important role to soak up all the sauce, it must thin and silken. I found that the cheung fun here is soft and just a slight springy, very appetising. For a more flavourful version, try their curry ccf.

The curry is not too thick nor too dilute; curry taste is robust yet not overpowering, I absolutely enjoy slurping the slippery chee cheung fun and the curry that were adhering to it, I think they've executed very well in striking a balance in this dish. No complains at all! 

What's more? Despite the GST hike lately, the price for a plate of delectable ccf here is RM2.50 ONLY! What a steal! 

Yap Hup Kee Palace( Kuchai Lama) is the sister restaurant of Yap Hup Kee (Pudu) which specialise on Yong Tau Foo & Chee Cheung Fun.
The Kuchai Lama branch is only six month old and it has a slightly modernise and conducive interior compared to the one in Pudu. 

They DO NOT serve the exact same (extensive)menu from the one in Pudu as they want to focus on what they do best here- which is their well-known Chee Cheung Fun. 
By limiting the items on the menu here, they get to increase the efficiency and the quality of food that they serve to their customers.

Yup Hup Kee Palace
39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,
Kuchai Entrepreneur's park.

Business Hour:

Tel: 03-7971 6417
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